Strategic sourcing And a cup of coffee

Strategic Sourcing and a cup of coffee

Each client is different

Occumen doesn’t have a fixed approach to problem-solving – in our view, each client and each situation is different. Sure we have a ‘tool kit’ of analytics and processes that have been tried and tested over the years, but our success is largely due to the calibre of our consulting teams and their ability to know which tools and processes to deploy in each situation, and when to be ‘process light’ or ‘process heavy’.

A cup of coffee is our best purchasing tool

Occumen believes successful procurement is 80% communication and 20% purchasing. it’s the reason we use a very collaborative approach - often over a cup of coffee - and why our consultants have business and people skills as well as purchasing experience.  We do plenty of analysis and modelling, but because we talk to our clients while we’re doing it, the result is a shared understanding and new insights, rather than a meaningless database.

Challenging the status quo

Occumen doesn’t simply replicate a good internal procurement department. As consultants we’re able to challenge the status quo a little more, and as a result, we often come up with creative solutions and new ways of doing things, helping clients to think differently about business specifications and what they want from their suppliers. We tell clients what they need to know and not what they want to hear.

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The most dangerous phrase in the english language is: "We've always done it that way"

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper - US Navy
Computer Scientist

We tell clients what they need to know, not what they want to hear

We believe that honesty and integrity gains respect. That means doing tne right things for our clients, even if that invloves delivering tough messages or sometimes just saying “no”. In the long run, the development of sustainable, trust-based relationships will be good for our clients and for us.

People with a track record

When it comes to implementation, our senior team has industry-leading procurement experience and most have worked in general management roles too. Our consultants have proven track-records in categories from marketing to IT and facilities management to HR services. They talk business, not procurement and expect to deliver results, not theories.

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Our approach is rigorous and we’re accountable

We always take ownership of our work. We are prepared to roll-up our sleeves, get to grips with the detail and handle the ‘heavy lifting’. Our approach is logical, rigorous and built on facts, and implemented in a way that we know will work. If something does go wrong – we put it right. 

We won't work for clients who treat their suppliers unethically

We’re tough, but we’re always fair and ethical. We value our professional reputation and that of our clients, and won't compromise when it comes to ethics.  It’s just not our style to simply beat-up suppliers to gain a lower price – we think there are better ways to get the best from suppliers.

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