Maintain Continuous improvement in supplier performance


We help clients build on the benefits delivered through strategic category management by helping them better manage their suppliers after contracts have been signed. 

Supplier relationship management:

Supplier relationship management (SRM) means different things to different people, and in our view, there is no ‘on-size-fits-all’ solution. We work with clients to segment the supplier base and identify how it can be streamlined and managed more effectively. Some clients want to manage critical suppliers to reduce risk and ensure compliance, others want to work collaboratively to continuously reduce end-to-end cost, whilst for a few, the priority is to nurture selected (often small) suppliers to deliver innovation and competitive advantage. For most clients, good supplier relationship management delivers a mixture of all these things. 

Occumen can help a client select and deploy supplier relationship management software and build a business case to support its implementation – but we often find that the right supplier contracts, performance measures and risk-management mechanisms tracked through a spreadsheet can deliver more effectively than a little-used system. Deploying the right people as relationship managers with the appropriate skills and objectives is key to success – and these skills are often different to those found in a traditional procurement team. Occumen can help identify, recruit and train the right individuals if needed.

Managed Services:

We support clients on an ongoing basis by providing a very flexible procurement ‘managed service’. For some, this means undertaking strategic category management on an ongoing basis covering all categories - access to Occumen’s category experts ensures that the client benefits from specialist skills in categories where it would not be feasible to have those skills in-house. 

For others, it means deploying Occumen category managers from time to time to deliver the procurement aspect of specific projects or programmes - for example, the integration of an acquisition, the delivery of a major building programme or the installation of a new IT system. We do not ask clients to sign long term contracts and we work in a way that supplements and supports an existing procurement function (if the client has one). The client retains maximum organisational flexibility whilst gaining access to deep category expertise and input from Occumen’s senior team on strategic issues.


We help clients maintain and build on what has been already been achieved by providing procurement-centred coaching. We have coached both individuals and whole teams with the objective of embedding skills and new ways of working. 

Occumen’s coaches are experienced procurement professionals, and our focus is very practical. Whether we are coaching a CPO or more junior members of the team, we help individuals think through their procurement objectives and set realistic goals; consider how best to manage stakeholders; help them develop negotiating strategies, and provide the right mix of challenge, support and encouragement to ensure that the individual flourishes and that the procurement plan is delivered.

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